Stay Ahead With IT Project Management

29 Mar Stay Ahead With IT Project Management

Are you looking for your next IT project manager opportunity?  Perhaps you want to upgrade your current skills to perform at optimum in your current position, or you may be contemplating a change in industry.  Whatever your reason, performing at your best requires constant learning and improving.  IT project managers are in high demand today, and even better news, the forecast and prospects for the future are looking very good indeed.  In fact, in Computerworld’s 2015 Forecast survey, project management expertise was noted as the second-most sought-after skill, trailing only programming/application development. Some 35% of the 194 IT executives who participated in the survey underlined their intentions to recruit experienced IT project managers with demonstrated ability and proven results.  So keep your resume updated!

Let’s face it, the business world has accelerated over the past five years.  Corporations were not prepared for the speed of the internet and mobile technology which has practically changed the entire world.  Companies need to be strategic and forward-thinking just to hope for the opportunity to stay in business.  Therefore, recruiting the best of the best IT project managers is an undeniable strategic advantage.  However, as an IT project manager, you need to always stay updated on your own personal skills and high performance metrics to prosper in the new age.  It’s important to belong to an organization at the vanguard of the industry.  Click here to check out Michael Resource Group for all the latest IT project manager opportunities.  Michael Resource Group is also an industry leader in C-level recruitment, management consulting, direct hire placement, both temporary and long-term.  If you want to experience the opportunity, try contract to hire staffing – a great way to preview before committing?  Even if you think you are secure in your current position now, you never know what the future holds.  As the business world accelerates, more mergers and acquisitions, business failures.  It’s best to stay connected and always keep other opportunities lined up should things go wrong at your current position.

Many corporations are now involved in projects in multiple fields and at different parts of the globe.  The business world needs IT project management more than ever.  These projects involve large-scale planning that affects every department or aspect of a business. Implementing the project might entail dealing with human resources, budgetary and supply constraints. Qualified project managers are skilled in project management techniques specific to dealing with one-time projects. They can effectively and efficiently execute plans to manage interdependence and address resource conflict. Organizations that use project management to monitor and control processes and schedules can more effectively complete their projects on time and on budget. Michael Resource Group is also a leader executive search placement to enhance strong corporate leadership and also a pioneer in management consulting -performance & process improvement, automation, implementations and upgrades.  Perhaps you desire the flexibility of executive interim placement so you can work part-time or fill-in as needed.  Whatever your requirements, take action now, click here for Michael Resource Group.

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