Finding the ROI in Recruitment & Staffing

22 Jun Finding the ROI in Recruitment & Staffing

Professionals must constantly adapt to new trends and protocols considering the rapid advancements in technology and workforce standards. As a result, recruitment and retention of flexible and talented employees has become an important factor to the profitability and growth of any organization. Effective recruitment and staffing involves significant resources to locate prospective people to employ and evaluate how their skills and backgrounds will correspond with an organization’s objectives. The fast-paced environment of today’s market place rarely offers employers the time to explore past a 30-minute interview or the qualifications on an applicant’s resume. As an alternative, many employers have opted to depend on the expertise of recruitment firms to get potential employees with the best talents and skills that can positively contribute to an organization’s lasting success.

When investing in recruitment and staffing, companies may encounter the risk of spending enormous resources on a new workforce that may not contribute significantly to the organization achieving its goals. However, through a screening process it is possible to maximize growth and profitability for both the organization and the career seeker with minimum risk. There are several processes available to ensure that the screening process is successful, these include screening personality traits that may either enhance or disrupt the current culture of the organization, identifying indicators of work ethic and integrity, evaluating past job patterns such as length of time and assessing skills and flexibility to change.

In addition, recruitment efforts can be maximized by retaining good employees. Companies that invest in the continuous growth of their workforce minimize unnecessary costs of high employee turnover and increase the internal stability of their employees. Team building is one of the most effective methods of employee retention, and is the best way to enhance employee morale and encourage innovation. Organizations should strive to create an environment of inclusion that values unique talents and personal differences of all team members, this will encourage a productive team culture.

Cross training in a variety of social and work skills such as respect, listening, communication and sharing is also vital to inspire organizational cohesion and growth. Compared to the unlimited rate of return that the organization will realize in employee and customer satisfaction and the quality of product and/or services, the investment will be worth it. As technology continues to grow at a fast rate, it is important to recruit and retain a workforce that is flexible, talented and can adapt to and grow with change.

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